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Roundnet is also known as SpikeballTM. It is an athletic, fun and addictive game. It is a mix of volleyball and foursquare, played in teams of 2 with the objective being to get the ball off the net and hit the floor before the other team can get to it! 

360° Game

Roundnet (Spikeball TM) is best described as volleyball with a circular net. It’s played with two teams of two, and has no court lines, it’s a 360° game!

3 Touches

Each team has three (non-consecutive) touches to ‘spike the ball’ off of the net, in any direction they like. If it touches the floor before the other team can get to it, it’s the end of the rally and a point to that team. 

The rally continues

If it doesn’t hit the floor, the rally continues (up to three touches per team) until one of the teams cannot return the ball off of the net, or a fault occurs.



Roundnet IN ACTION

A 360° GAME


Who are we?

We are a group of passionate teachers who are dedicated to providing quality teaching & coaching for roundnet 

As you may have already guessed, we are no ordinary coaching company. We are a company powered by teachers, for teachers. Therefore our focus is on age appropriate development, both physical and mental. We are also passionate about the roundnet world, developing the sport we love in the UK and across the world.

Roundnet is an alternative activity that has so much potential for progressing fundamental movement and increasing skill development that will transfer into many other net and wall sports.

With our experience and knowledge of coaching for roundnet, we have created developmental and fun programmes to suit a range of ages and abilities, all with the aim of increasing engagement, participation and love for roundnet.

The team are really keen to grow the sport of roundnet, starting at grass roots to get young children physically active and having fun, whilst progressing the best they can. 




Highly adaptable, which makes it easy to be inclusive!


Co-education friendly


Fits within the curriculum & great for concept curriculums


Fun, engaging and competitive!