Parents information for roundnet – AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS

Outside the school day, after-school clubs provide some of the best opportunities for children and young people to participate in sport and physical activity -this section gives parent information for roundnet. Our aim is to spread the love of roundnet, providing opportunities for all age groups to play, learn and develop. School lessons are a great place to start, but not everyone has roundnet in school (yet), so to further the opportunity for your children, we are also offering after school clubs where your children can play and practise with their friends even more.


Being located at your educational facility is particularly beneficial, as children can easily access them after the school day. It can also be convenient for parents, aligning better with working hours than the school day often does, and being a safe and well-known location. Contact your school to see if they have parent information for roundnet.


We have a variety of locations available, and more being released all the time. To see if we are available at a location near you, or to request a session, please enquire here and you can also visit GBroundnet.


Enquire about local clubs or after school clubs here: