Rashball Roundnet Set


Your roundnet set contains everything you need to play anytime, anywhere.

In your backpack you will find:
The (“Pro”) ring pieces, 5 orange legs, a high-quality net, 2 ProBalls and a ball pump.

This set has been researched, tried and tested to get the highest quality game play.
The balls have been developed to provide great control and “pop” off the net, so that you can perfect your skills and get awesome rallies.


Extra deep rim pieces guarantee you stability when hitting those boom balls!
The net is high quality and is easily fitted to the rim, while the balls offer great control and grip to maximise play.

The orange-black set and balls offers the best contrast so that you can play in any weather and on any surface.

We also offer free rim replacements if sections get broken! This only ever happens when competitiveness meets rain and a player literally falls on the set mid dive (which we will never be mad at!).


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