roundnet Level 2 coaching qualification

Roundnet coaching qualification Level 2

The Roundnet Level 2 Coaching qualification is for those looking to  deliver sessions independently as a qualified coach. 

We are working on the Level 2 as we speak, so check back in a couple months to get booked onto a course near you!


This qualification enhances a coaches’ understanding of best practice through a variety of teaching approaches and integration of current  literature.

The team at Spike-It will also educate as to how to lead, organise, liaise with schools/clubs, gain appropriate insurance and many other related logistics required to be a stand-alone coach, as part of the roundnet coaching qualification.

We will of course also spend more time on higher level technical and tactical coaching. Working to improve performance of the sport as well as providing the tools to improve students performance.

We pride ourselves on having both an experience and research-led approach to our teaching, and incorporate a range of research and teacher-led perspectives.

By the end of the course:

Independently run

With the roundnet second coaching qualification, coaches will have an understanding of how to independently run coaching sessions 

coaching philosophy

The qualified will have an understanding of what their own coaching philosophy is and how to best implement those ideals in sessions

enhanced performance

The coach will have enhanced their technical and tactical performance

improve student ability

And be able to greater enhance students technical and tactical abilities

‘Stage not age’

Teachers will have greater knowledge of how to best coach using the “stage not age” of learning/development

range of tools

With the Roundnet Level 2 qualification, coaches & teachers will have a range of tools at their disposal, to better adapt sessions and develop their learners, whether they are children or adults! 


What’s in the Roundnet level 2 coaching qualification ?

Resource booklet from the course including sessions and planning for public tournaments.

Coaching and an education of all things Roundnet.

Official Certification for the UK Roundnet National Governing Body award.

With discounts offered to coaches looking to invest in their own kit.