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WHY US? entering the roundnet world

As you may have already guessed, we are no ordinary coaching company. We are a company powered by teachers, for teachers. Therefore our focus is on age appropriate development, both physical and mental. We are also passionate about the roundnet world.

We incorporate our experience of teaching as well as current research into all of our sessions. Using formative assessment to best tailor our sessions, and differentiate our activities to best fit each child’s needs, as well as progress them from not only a fundamental movement skills (FMS) perspective, but a health perspective. We recognise that health as stated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) is not just physical fitness, but the need to improve the opportunities for positive mental health, through social interaction, and a greater understanding of ones’ self.

We endeavour to include reflection, positive reinforcement, positive peer assessment, plus an understanding of morals and etiquette into our programmes.

The game of roundnet itself is an alternative, exciting activity area that encompasses all the concepts of net and wall games, without the complexity of using racquets. This allows the most disengaged, demotivated students, to re-engage, enjoy and show progress.

We strive to not only spread the love for the roundnet world, but to create a positive, multifaceted learning experience for you and your students.

primary & secondary

Student introductory workshops

These sessions can be tailored towards either KS2, KS3, KS4, College or University students, with sessions built towards their current development stage. The session takes students through the basic skills of roundnet, building into adapted versions and full competitive games. This is ideal as a one-off introduction to the roundnet world, gauging your students interest before committing to an after school club, or CPD for your staff to start delivering the sport in core PE, or in your own after school sessions.

Two hours worth of sessions: All kit included. Maximum of 24 students per coach. Educational discounts offered to schools looking to invest in their own kit here after.

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& educational  discounts


This involves a developmentally appropriate scheme of work to be implemented by us for anything from 3-10 weeks worth of roundnet lessons. The sessions work through the rules, etiquette, the basic skills, principles of play, fitness related elements and many variations of the game. Finishing the final week with a full competitive tournament.

All kit included. With educational discounts offered to schools looking to invest in their own kit here after.

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& educational  discounts

Engage and develop children’s Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) and physical literacy by offering an after school club.

In-line with the 2019 School Sport and Activity Action Plan, as set by the Departments of Education, Health & Social Care, and Sport. We strive to;

  • Help young people to engage in 60 minutes of physical activity a day.
  • Help engage the students that are disengaged with sport and exercise, improving physical literacy, whilst having fun.

We supply an hour of coaching roundnet, with all equipment included, hosted at your school. The club duration can range in length depending on the demand of the school and parents.

We do anything from a 4 week club option to a 10 week club. We take a minimum of 10 students, with a maximum needing to be set based on your in-school facilities. All kit included, and great introduction to roundnet world. 

Negotiable with school depending on policies, Minimum of 10 students



With more and more schools getting involved with playing roundnet, we are also organising tournaments throughout the school year for a range of age groups, including the teachers!

Keep checking the site for dates and venues to get your students (and your teachers) signed up!


These sessions are set to educate your teaching staff ready to teach your students roundnet lessons. We offer this for both KS2 & KS3.
We will take teachers through all game rules, and the methods of educating students using our bespoke schemes of work. We will spend time working through some example activities that feature in our schemes of work that will include teaching fundamentals such as principles of play, differentiation and assessment for learning, so that teachers have experienced examples and could teach the basics of the game by the end of the course.

If you are going to teach the game as a core session and would like further information as well as access to all lesson plans and scheme of work, it is best to instead enroll onto the Level 1 Roundnet Qualification.

All kit included. Plus an example scheme of work which will be used throughout the CPD session. 

With educational discounts offered to schools looking to invest in their own kit here after.

£200 for a singular school
with up to 8 teachers

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& educational  discounts




rent a kit

You can also rent our kit for your own sessions!

As everyone’s needs are slightly different in terms of duration, location, number of sets etc.. we can’t really provide a structured payment plan here that would fit all. If you are interested in renting our kit, please contact us and we can provide you with a quote.

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