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Why teachers Love roundnet

As teachers we are all looking to increase activity levels amongst our pupils. Whether it’s  developing technical and tactical skills or simply engaging the disengaged. Roundnet is being used in schools across the UK and the world to add a new dimension to Physical Education classes.

why roundnet is
Great in schools

1. Adaptable & inclusive

Teachers are loving the world of Roundnet ad the game is so highly adaptable which makes it easy to be inclusive!

Being adaptable means there can be different competitive rules utilised for differing age/ability groups.

It’s small sided nature (2v2) gets everyone involved, plus, it has no court lines and is easily transportable so it can be played on any surface, indoors or outdoors.

2.Fits within the curriculum

Roundnet is not only a great game for fun and engagement, but it meets the physical (activity and skills progression) and cognitive (technical and tactical) aims of the curriculum.

Plus, for those teachers moving towards a concept curriculum, roundnet can be utilised alongside other sports for the development of tactical strategies.

3. Co-Education friendly

Many teachers are working to create opportunities for co-ed PE. Co-ed sports help to break down gender barriers and due to roundnet being non-contact, it is seen as being an appropriate and enjoyable sport to play co-ed.

With many tournaments in the adult scene being played co-ed, school is a great place to start!

4. Attends to all 4learning domains 

Due to it’s small sided and self-officiated nature, roundnet also provides the opportunity to nurture the development of social skills, moral values and interpersonal skills.

If taught appropriately, roundnet is affective at attending to all 4 learning domains, which we as PE specialists intend to satisfy.

5. New & Different from other more traditional sports

New but more importantly “different” activities promote engagement, excitement & challenges for pupils

The level playing field established with new activities helps to engage the wider population of pupils.

The fact that it’s a different format is not only exciting, but provides a challenge for pupils and therefore a different set of skills to be produced. 

Why hire us?

The only researched and highlighted consideration to introducing a new sport such as roundnet is the need for adequate training!

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Engage and develop children’s Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) and physical literacy by offering an after school club.

In-line with the 2019 School Sport and Activity Action Plan, as set by the Departments of Education, Health & Social Care, and Sport. We strive to;

  • Help young people to engage in 60 minutes of physical activity a day.
  • Help engage the students that are disengaged with sport and exercise, improving physical literacy, whilst having fun.

We supply an hour of coaching roundnet, with all equipment included, hosted at your school. 

Negotiable with school depending on policies, Minimum of 10 students



With more and more schools getting involved in the roundnet world we are also organising tournaments throughout the academic year for a range of age groups, including the teachers!

Keep checking the site for dates and venues to get your students (and your teachers) signed up!



Superb Level 1 course. Active,

Superb Level 1 course. Active, engaging and informative. Highly recommended for those looking to build their knowledge and understanding of alternative sports.

George Davies
Henry Cort

We had so much fun

We had so much fun with the sessions and learnt so much. The coaches were amazing and they explained everything step by step.
Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to learn and teach Roundnet.

Shamir Kumar Rai

I attended the Active Surrey

I attended the Active Surrey CPD session of Roundnet at the Surrey Sports Park on Thursday 28th April lead by Becky Smith.
The day was really well planned, enjoyable, informative and expertly lead by Becky. I learnt a lot about a sport I’d not heard about before and as a result I will be looking at ways in how we can integrate this into our KS3 and KS4 Curriculums.
The resources provided were also excellent along with the opportunity to gain equipment for my school to enhance the introduction of Roundnet in my school.
Thanks to Becky for a fantastic experience and thanks to Emma Watkins and Active Surrey for this opportunity.

Tom Andrews
The Ashcombe School

Incredible coaching session!

Incredible coaching session!

Had really useful information given to us by Becky in our coaching course, lots of ideas and games to play! Really fun- I loved it!

Molly Terry
University of chichester

A great day of CPD

A great day of CPD. Thoroughly enjoyable, physically active and a great activity for all young people. The course was well led with clear progressions for use with young people in schools and accompanying resources. If you are looking for something different to engage young people, this is the activity. Thank you for a great day.

Emma Watkins

A great new sport to

A great new sport to deliver at our school. Becky’s delivery was first class and packed in loads into just 2 hours! Great course, highly recommend.

Tom Brookes
Patcham High School

Excellent course. Fantastically delivered with

Excellent course. Fantastically delivered with lots of activity. Becky was incredible – excellent day.

Luke Collins
Hoe Valley School

Ready to teach!

Ready to teach! I felt nervous at the start as I was not very confident with Spikeball, but Becky broke down skills into the basics which really helped!

I had an amazing time and learnt valuable skills, techniques and adaptations to bring into my own lessons.

Sofie Elms

Absolutely loved this roundnet course!

Absolutely loved this roundnet course! Becky was great at breaking down and simplifying the game into many variations and giving us loads of ideas for lessons. Can’t wait to get this going in school.

Emma Curran
Bay House School

Full of enthusiasm


Aaron Hancock
Midhurst Rother College, West Sussex



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