Premier Spike Set: Preorder


These are the most elite, durable, well-built sets on the market. They have been made by people who love the sport and want to see competitive roundnet advance to where it needs to be. These have been made like a technical piece of sports equipment, which makes playing on them feel like a whole new level!

Each individual box will include: Premier Spike set, 2 PS balls, a serving/NHZ measuring line, ball hose/needle, and a carrying bag.

Pre-order at this price will be available for a limited time only. Orders will be fulfilled by August.

Outside of the UK? Head over to Premierspike to find a distributor in your region.


Be the first to experience the new standard of quality in roundnet equipment, and get it at a discount! Designed to be stronger and sturdier to give you a more consistent playing surface all around.

Keep your eyes open for elite tournaments on these nets in the UK soon!



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